January 2015

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A big welcome to my first ever newsletter!
It’s so easy to get caught up in busy lives and miss Facebook posts
or Goodreads reviews, so I’ll be sending out regular bulletins to
keep in touch.

Question Corner

Each issue I’ll be answering a question that YOU want to ask. Maybe it’s: what it’s like to be a romance writer? Or how do you choose your cover models? (with hard research!)

Q: Are you friends with other writers?
A: Quite a few! Some I’ve met and some are FB friends, but it’s good to have a
group (and two of them are men!) that I can go to talk about indie publishing and the book world. And we talk about you guys as well!

Q: Do you have time to read books?
A: Absolutely! I love reading. I used to find it distracting to read while I was in the middle of writing a book, but now I find it helps me to relax so, hopefully, my
characters will let me sleep at night!

Out and About

So far, I’ve put my name down for two signings in 2015. But do keep checking to see where else I’ll be.

Coming to a Screen Near you!

The Traveling ManNEW RELEASE!

I’m so excited to tell you about my new book THE TRAVELING MAN!
Even better, all PRE-ORDERS will cost you just 99₡ before the launch, when the price will be $3.99.

THE TRAVELING MAN is published on January 27.

The cover is designed by the fabulous HANG LE who’s worked on all my covers for the last 18 months. Lucky me! I love this magical picture, and hot model TYLER GATUSSO, who was photographed for me by MICHAEL ANTHONY DOWNS.

Exclusive Extract


Kes hadn’t invited me to sit down, but my legs were shaking, so I plopped down
on one of the small built-in sofas and looked up.

He was leaning with his shoulder propped against the door, one long leg crossed over the other and arms folded.

He was taller than I remembered, perhaps by as much as three or four inches,
and much broader. Under his t-shirt his chest was well defined, and his biceps
popped as moved his arms. His hair was a shade darker than the pictures in my
memory, and his face was narrower—the roundness of childhood long gone. The dark scruff on his chin was new. My Kes hadn’t needed to shave.

I finally met his eyes. Those were the same. Still silvery-gray with the curious
dark blue ring around the iris. And now they were staring at me without a hint of

I licked my lips and watched his eyes drop almost reflexively before he looked
up again angrily.

“What are you doing here, Aimee?”

For a chance to win an ARC, post your answer to this question on my FB page.
“In my dreams, my travelling man would take me to…” I’ll pick my favorite answer on 20th January—a week before publication!