L.H. Cosway: Author

Interview with Lorraine (LH) Cosway


This interview was originally a live event in my Reader Group Jane’s Travelers. It’s published here with Lorraine’s permission.


I first met LH Cosway at a book event in Dublin, which is appropriate since Lorraine is a native of the fair city.

We were both on the quiet side, preferring to chat to one or two readers, and not so hot on the partying side!

And we seem to have similar ideas when it comes to writing about what interests us…


Q We’ve both written about travelling circuses/carnivals (my TRAVELING SERIES, your HEARTS SERIES); dancers (my SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM and LUKA, your SHOWMANCE), and male escorts (my AT YOUR BECK & CALL and your book FAUXMANCE).

Does it bother you that we think alike?

Not at all! I always write the sort of books that I want to read, so it’s definitely a good thing there’s someone else out there writing them, too. I wish there were more books about the circus and theatre world, so the fact that you’re inspired by the same themes is brilliant. It also means there’s more choice out there for readers who want to read books like that <3


Q Good point! What sort of research did you do for FAUXMANCE, your male escort book?

A Some of the research I did was to read interviews and articles I could find online written by real life male escorts. It was all very interesting! They were quite difficult to find though.

Darcy Anderson De Rose

now that LH Cosway has finally written Fauxmance (after waiting sooo many years), any chance on you writing a continuation novel to Luka? I’ve always wanted him to have an HEA. Pretty please 🙏😍

Jane Harvey-Berrick I had an idea for a book YVETTA but never got around to write it!! 😏


Q We’ve both written books about people who are outside mainstream life in many ways – why do you think you’re attracted to characters like that?

I love an underdog, but I’m also fascinated by people who are on the fringes of society. People who face adversity and live a different sort of life are the ones with the most interesting stories to tell.

Lara Herrera I like these characters because for me I can relate to them more than the 20-something heiress, or fashion model, etc. The ones who have lives a hard life and not let it beat them down. Kinda like me. 😉

Gwendolyn Kohn I think readers are all at some point, outside of the mainstream. I personally believe that all of the arts lead our world into change.


Q Where do you get your ideas from? I know, tough question, because I have to answer that with ‘everywhere’.

This sounds silly, but they really do just come to me. Usually in the shower, or while I’m completing some menial task, an idea will pop into my head. I can go weeks feeling uninspired and then all of a sudden, an idea will hit me and I’ll be energized to write again.

JHB Yes, it’s walking by the beach for me. I can’t say while I’m vacuuming, because I never do that 😀

LH Cosway Lol! I recently got one of those Roomba hoovers. It’s changed my life

Julie Joyness 😂 It’s always the shower!


Q Tell us about a typical writing day in the crazy world of LH Cosway?

It isn’t crazy, even in the slightest. Pretty much my favourite thing to do is stay indoors and write or read, particularly when it’s cold and rainy out, which is often in Ireland, lol. Usually I try to get all my social media, administrative stuff and emailing done before lunch, then after lunch I settle in to write. I feel like I write my best stuff late in the day and at night, so I tend to stay up writing late. When I try to write first thing in the morning it comes out dull and boring. Perhaps my brain hasn’t woken up enough yet to be creative.

Jane Harvey-Berrick I’m the opposite. Not much happens after 8pm. Tonight is an exception 😏

LH Cosway Lol! I always wish I could get everything done during the day then just relax at night but it never works out


Q Can you read other books while you’re writing?

Darcy Anderson De Rose Ooh, that’d be hard to do.

Jane Harvey-Berrick I never used to be able to, but now I can switch off and enjoy other books

Darcy Anderson De Rose And it doesn’t get in the way of your thinking process?

Jane Harvey-Berrick Not any more. At first, I’d find myself mimicking that author’s voice. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen now

Lara Herrera I find that reading a good book in my genre inspires me to better my writing, and it shows in the story I’m telling.

Darcy Anderson De Rose Very interesting, thank you. Nice to know what goes into a story.

Yes. In fact, I need to read while I write. It keeps me inspired. When I read something really, really good it gives me that kick up the arse to be like, you should be writing something good, too! I also like to take breaks and read a good story then go back to my own one.

Jane Harvey-Berrick Oooh, very good point! “I need to be better!”

LH Cosway I also get jealous of really great writers. I’m like, why can’t you be that good?! Lol.

Jane Harvey-Berrick LH Cosway Yeah 😬


Q What are you working on at that moment?

Right now, I’m working on a special Christmas novella and the first book in my Running on Air series, Off the Air.

Jane Harvey-Berrick I’ve shied away from doing seasonal books. Don’t know why. Is this your first Christmas book?

Yes, it’s about a one night stand at an office Christmas party lol


Q What book do you wish you’d written?

That’s a hard question! There are so many books I adore. If I could pick only one I would say Jane Eyre. Gothic romances are some of the first books I ever read and they’ll always be a first love.

Darcy Anderson De Rose Ever consider writing a historical novel then? Most of them are pretty dry and similar, that’s why I like contemporary ones.

Jane Harvey-Berrick I’m intrigued by the idea…

LH Cosway I actually have part of a gothic romance written that I’m hoping to finish next year. It’s not a period novel, but it does have a lot of the dark, gothic themes similar to say Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre

Darcy Anderson De Rose Jane Harvey-Berrick Yep, maybe work on one together (though Stu might get jealous 😉

Jane Harvey-Berrick He’s so laid-back, only a volcano would move him 😉

LH Cosway Lol!

Jacqueline Showdog-ff I’d love a historical romance too. Only a handful of authors are writing them yet there’s so much potential in forbidden liaisons and fumbling around under swishy skirts. I’d love that 😜

Jane Harvey-Berrick Noted 😉


Q What music are you listening to at the moment? Watching on TV? Going to see at the cinema?

A I tend to become obsessed with one song and listen to it over and again. Right now that song is Thunderclouds. The music video is also delightful. I watch it every morning to put myself in a good mood.

Watch in YouTube

On TV I’m currently loving A Discovery of Witches. I was a big fan of the books so it’s very exciting to see the story play out on screen. That’s basically what I will be doing with my Friday nights for the foreseeable future.

I actually can’t remember the last thing I went to see at the cinema! The last movie I saw at home that I really loved was Ready Player One. It was unexpectedly brilliant!


Q What’s your favourite part of the writing process?

Jane Harvey-Berrick Like laughing at the good jokes?? A great line? Something that makes you cry?

LH Cosway All of this yes. And usually the parts that nobody else really cares about. That’s when I know I’m trying to be too “artistic” lol

Jane Harvey-Berrick LH Cosway I know that feeling!!! 😜


Q What’s your least favourite part of the writing process (not including marketing!)?

A Reading back stuff I’ve written and thinking this is utter crap 😅


Q I’ve started writing with my co-author STUART REARDON, and you have a very successful series with PENNY REID, starting with THE HOOKER AND THE HERMIT.

How did the partnership begin?

What’s your process for writing with Penny? How does it differ from your usual writing process?

We met about four years ago when we both attended the same book signing. We only knew each other online so we had no idea if we would even get along in real life. Then we met and hung out for a whole day and it was like we’d always known each other. It was that bizarre feeling of comfort like we were almost finishing each other’s sentences. At the end of the few days together we were like, we need to write a book!

Writing with Penny is lots of fun. It’s also refreshing to work with someone else, especially when you get sick and tired of your own brain lol. One of us writes the male POV and the other writes the female. It changes from book to book. I write one chapter and then she writes the next, so we sort of do a swap.


Reader Questions

Monica Lomond What is your favourite way to overcome either writer’s block or a hitch in the story that has you stuck?

LH Cosway I love to travel! Whenever I get home from a trip I’m always very energised to get back into writing. If it’s just a small hitch in the story I like to read a good book, sometimes go for a walk. Basically just take a little break until I can think my way through the road bump

Monica Lomond Do you remember your first book character crush?

LH Cosway I remember being very obsessed with Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse novels

Monica Lomond Awesome. I’m pretty sure you’re not alone there

Darcy Anderson De Rose Oh yes me too!


Lara Herrera

Is there a minor character in any of your books that you really love, but just haven’t found the right time/story to make them the MC?

LH Cosway Yes! In my book Hearts of Fire, there’s a side character called Lola who has run away from a troubled past and joined the circus. I definitely want to write a book for her at some stage

Lara Herrera Oh, Lola! There is definitely a story there! *prays to the book gods to give LH Cosway the time/story*


Darcy Anderson De Rose Who’s books do you like to read? Other than Jane Harvey-Berrick of course. 😉

LH Cosway I LOVE LOVE LOVE Samantha Young, Mariana Zapata, Kennedy Ryan, Christina Lauren and so many more I can’t think of write now lol

Jane Harvey-Berrick Huge respect! I especially love Mariana Zapata 👌


Lara Herrera

Do you ever think about your characters after their story is finished? Aside from the series or duologies, I mean. For example, how are Jade and Shane from Still Life doing?

LH Cosway Yes! I’ve just started getting really into Pinterest and looking back over all the character inspirations makes me miss them all so much. That is a good question about Jade and Shane! I like to think Shane is still playing his violin in the orchestra and maybe Jade has been become a famous performance artist 😀

Lara Herrera

Are there any authors who particularly inspire you or whom you would love to meet/collaborate with one day? (I would not be adverse to you working with Penny Reid more. 😉 )

LH Cosway Penny and I will be writing another book. Most likely next year. I am big fan of Samantha Young, Christina Lauren, and Kennedy Ryan to name a few!

Lara Herrera

LH Cosway Is there a scene that needed to be cut that you still mourn? Can you tell us about it?

LH Cosway That’s a tough one! When I was writing the Cracks Duet I actually completely changed the second half of the storyline. There was so much heartache in book one that I didn’t want to put readers through more trauma in the 2nd book. I still sometimes wonder how it might’ve been received if I’d kept the original plot.

Darcy Anderson De Rose Do you get your inspiration from anything or any place special, or just your head?

LH Cosway Just the old noggin lol