Later, After – playscript

What happens to people who have served their country in their life later, after the military?

Alex Hunter: ex-husband, ex-army, ex-bomb disposal officer.

Arrested after yet another bar fight, Alex is kept in custody and examined by a police psychiatrist to assess his fitness to be interviewed by police.

What follows is a verbal duel between Dr. Helen Ashton and Alex. He sees her as a well-meaning but ultimately naïve do-gooder working for them—the military family who no longer support or understand him.



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The Theatrical Play

Later AfterMy new play, co-written with former ATO Mike Speirs is debuting this summer.

Later After‘Later, After’ tells the story of Alex Hunter, a former soldier struggling to re-enter civilian life.


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London Theatrical Trailer

Lead actor Neil Anthony is interviewed on Forces TV about his role in LATER, AFTER

Listen to this interview with BBC Radio host, Tiffany Truscott.

Listen to another interview with Penwith Radio’s David Hackett

“I’m so grateful to Whitefield Garrick Theatre for their radio play of LATER, AFTER – a drama about a former bomb disposal officer which I wrote with Justin Bell QGM.”

“Helen” – Catherine Cropper
“Alex” – Robin Thompson
Directed and produced by Alfred J Howard