The New Samurai

The New SamuraiSam’s love life is on the rocks. Teaching in an inner city school in London is hard enough, but when he loses his job and his girlfriend dumps him on Valentine’s Day, he decides to start again somewhere new.

When he gets a job as a TEFL teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Japan, he finds that there’s more to the land of the rising sun than sushi and sake.

He makes friends with Yoshi, a young farmer from Hokkaido, Paul from New York and Helen from Swansea. But when he meets the Amazonian Tara from Melbourne, his strict no-women policy looks like it might be in trouble.

Sam learns about love and life in the crazy city of Tokyo and things are going well – until his ex-girlfriend arrives from London intent on some extra-curricular activities.

It’s not long before his ‘no women’ rule is under attack.

Sexy and funny, this book will appeal to fans of ‘Fifty Shades’ and ‘One Day’.



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