Bonus Chapter: Daniel and Lisanne’s Go Christmas Shopping

Dangerous to Know & LoveAn original short story from the author of DANGEROUS TO KNOW & LOVE

Red or black, baby doll?”

Lisanne shot Daniel a scathing look.

You’re seriously asking me?”

Daniel grinned.

Yeah, ‘cuz I’m smart like that.”

Huh. You know perfectly well that you’re totally choosing a gift for yourself. Don’t pretend it’s really for me.”

Sure it is!”

Daniel Jacob Colton! That is a big fat lie. You were the one who wanted to buy a new one. I was fine with the old one.”

Lisanne wanted to look annoyed, but Daniel wasn’t falling for it. Maybe it was the way her lips kept turning upwards into a smile when she was trying to be mad at him.

He pulled her toward him, his large hands wrapping around her waist. He leaned down, burying his face in her hair and nuzzling her neck.

I love it when you tell me off, baby doll. Makes me horny.”

Lisanne laughed out loud.

According to you last night, reading my business studies textbook made you horny.”

Daniel frowned and looked up.

What did you say? I felt your lips vibrating.”

Lisanne’s stern gaze softened.

Daniel, did you leave your CI off again today?”

He shrugged and looked away.



I was wearing it for football practice last night…”

“…and now it feels a little sore?”

He shrugged again then rested his chin on her shoulder as his large body curled around her smaller one.

Lisanne’s heart gave a sad little flip-flop. Daniel was so good at lipreading, she sometimes forgot that he was deaf. Which was unforgiveable. He usually used his cochlear implant, but when he wore his football helmet at the same time, it wasn’t always comfortable and then he’d have to leave it off the next day.

Lisanne kissed his full lips and ran her hands over his spiky black hair. Then she leaned back so he could see her mouth.

Let’s get the black,” she said. “It’s kind of sexy.”

Daniel’s smile was instantly restored.

You look sexy in everything, babydoll. Or nothing. Yeah, I like you best in nothing.”

You’re incorrigible,” she laughed.

I love it when you use big words.”

I love YOU!” Lisanne said seriously.

Daniel kissed her again, passionately, hungrily, pulling her soft body against his much harder one.

Until the salesman cleared his throat.

Ahem. Did you guys decide if you’re buying the black or the red?”

Lisanne’s cheeks turned scarlet as she pulled away from Daniel.

Uh, I’ll take the black, please. It’ll match my boyfriend’s.”

The salesman hid a smile as he rang up the sale and placed the black leather biker jacket in a bag. It was similar to Daniel’s jacket, but being new, it was stiffer and shinier. But it would also give her much better protection when they were on Daniel’s Harley than her battered old jacket.

Enjoy,” said the salesman.

We will,” said Daniel, then whispered in Lisanne’s ear. “You’ll wear it for me in bed, won’t you, babydoll?”

His expression was so hopeful that Lisanne wanted to laugh. Instead she stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. Then she pulled back.

Yes, and I’ll wear high heels, too.”

Daniel closed his eyes and groaned.

Christmas couldn’t come soon enough.