Bonus Chapter: Nick’s Valentine


This is not a Valentine card. I’m not going to tell you once a year how much I love you, because I love you every day.

I’m not going to take you to a restaurant for dinner tonight, because every dinner with you is special.

I’m not going to buy red roses today, because white tulips are your favourite flowers and I’d give them to you every day, every week, if I thought you’d want them.

I won’t buy champagne tonight, because every night with you is special.

And even though I’ve bought your favourite expensive perfume, I still think that the best scent in the world is your skin and your hair, and I want to bury myself in that every day of my life.

Valentine’s Day is special to other people, but to me, it’s every morning that I wake up with you.

You’re the love of my life. Your love is my life.

So I’ve bought you the matching PJs you liked, because they make you smile.

And I’ve bought your favourite bar of dark chocolate, because your eyes always shine when you see it.

And I’ve cooked your favourite meal. Even though you’ve tried to make it many times yourself, one day you’ll admit you can’t make it as good as mine.

And instead of a Valentine’s card, I’ve written this letter, and you’ll find it under your pillow.

You wear my ring and you have my heart.

You are my happy ever after.

Nick x