Raising money for UK bomb disposal charity

Had the most amaZing time in London at The British Book Affair! 800 readers, 55 authors, and 2 nervous soldiers from the Royal Logistics Corps who volunteered to help us raise money for Felix Fund – the UK bomb disposal charity. Thanks, guys!

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Press Release: Raising money for UK bomb disposal charity, 18 April 2015

Romance fans raised hundreds of pounds for Felix Fund – and the brave volunteer soldiers experience life as rock stars – and survived the day.

EOD or Explosive Ordinance Disposal is the British Army’s specialist unit responsible for counter terrorist bomb disposal. It’s one of the most dangerous jobs in the world … but two uniformed volunteers are about to take on 800 readers of romance novels. It could be their most dangerous mission yet.

Felix Fund supports bomb disposal experts and their families. They fund therapeutic breaks for bomb disposal teams and other welfare and rehabilitation facilities for EOD units. They also provide hardship grants for individual members of ‘the bomb disposal family’ in need.