Interview with Justin

Justin-hoodyTo celebrate the start of the blog tour for SUMMER OF SEVENTEEN, I thought it would be fun to interview cover model JUSTIN ZABINSKI. Yeah, I know, I get all the tough jobs. It’s sooooo hard asking beautiful guys questions. But I do it for YOU 🙂

Hi Justin,

There are some lovely people here who want to meet you. So let’s start with a few easy questions!

JHB: Where are you from?
Justin: St Pete Beach, Florida.
JHB: Oh wow, sugary-white sand, dolphins frolicking just off shore and eight major barrier islands – must be awful!

JHB: What is your favorite food?
Justin: Mexican and any kind of greens.
JHB: Sounds delicious and healthy. When am I coming for dinner?
Justin: Um…

JHB: Moving on … You’re a surfer and a model. Describe a typical day for us.
Justin: My typical day could be anything but typical. I like to start out with some yoga and a large glass of water. If there’s surf that day it’s the only thing I can think about, so I try to make it out. If not then I spend a lot of time in the garden and working on getting my next modeling gig. If I have time, I cook dinner and go to bed early.

JHB: Sorry, what? I’m still imagining you doing yoga … outside … in the sun … all warm and toned and … ahem … sorry. Next question.

JHB: When someone says the word ‘surfing’, you say ….?
Justin: When and where!!
JHB: My place, tonight! Oh, sorry … you’re talking surfing…

JHB: I say ‘Point Break’ and you say…?
Justin: Jobos, Puerto Rico
JHB: Looks amazing!

JHB: Which book have you read more than once, and why?
Justin: I have a rare fruit book…
JHB: Huh?
Justin: …and I often refer back to it. There’s always so much to learn.
JHB: Wow. Fruit.

JHB: What’s your favorite film, and why?
Justin: ‘The Drifter’ with Rob Machado. It tells a great story and I can see myself doing the same thing, plus the sound track it great.
JHB: That movie looks amazing. A really life-changing experience.

JHB: Let’s bring it closer to home now. Are you a leap out of bed person, or a five more minutes person?
Justin: I love waking up early, can’t wait to get out.

JHB: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Justin: I love anything that has to do with nature and doing/trying new things. Also, volunteer work, kayaking, fishing, working out. There’s so much to list.
JHB: That sounds like it keeps you busy.

JHB: What might surprise people about you?
Justin: I’ve met a lot of people face to face and I’ve been told that I’m nicer and more humble of a person then they thought I’d be.
JHB: That’s good to hear, because some models seem kind of … self-involved.

JHB: Well, here’s the big question that everyone will want to know – what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
Justin: Oh jeez, romantic…. Hum??
JHB: Oh Justin, you’re killing me!
Justin: I really don’t know, maybe cook a really good meal and go out to the beach at night and eat under the stars by candlelight.
JHB: Oh, wow! [happy sigh]. Good answer.

JHB: Well, now you’ve starred on the front cover of my book SUMMER OF SEVENTEEN, what’s next for you?
Justin: What’s next for me? Tomorrow, the moon, the stars and adventure.
JHB: Love that answer! Thanks for chatting with us, Justin! Bye!

JHB: Oh wait … Justin, are you single! Yoohoo! Justin? Wait a second … Helloooo?


“I love you,” I whispered, the words tearing out of me like steam, visible for a moment then disappearing into the evening air.

“Te amo demasiado,” she murmured against my lips. “I love you too much.”


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