Interview with Kestrel Donohue

Interview with Kestrel DonohueQ: Hi Kes!
A: Hey! It’s great to be here. Yeah, books. More Aimee’s thing, but whatever – go with the flow.

Q: First of all thank you for being here. This is a wonderful gift!!
A: Yeah? Happy birthday. Aimee bakes a bitchin’ cake. Just sayin’.

Q: Tell us, would you trade not having the accident for a life outside the Carnival?
A: No. I’ve tried life outside the carnival, and that’s not living – not for me. Even if I’d fucked up my back permanently, I’d have strapped myself on a motorcycle and still done stunts. I know that’s all kinds of fucked up – I guess my brain is wired differently. That’s what Aimee says!

Q: We readers could all feel the magic in your story, it felt so alive! How is it for you and Aimee, especially now that you live in love instead of fight for it?
A: Jesus, you’ll make me sound like a sap! It’s cool, yeah? We travel 8 or 9 months of the year. Aimee does her teaching online, and some of the carnie kids are coming to her now. It means families can stay together. That’s important. I want my kids to have that. One day.

Q: Do you think you will have a relationship with the Senator? How did you really feel about his presence and help during your hospital time?
A: Asshole fuckwit. Next question.

Q: I know this is a touchy subject for you and please don’t be offended (*or hit me*), but what in the hell did you see in Sorcha??? She was evil since the beginning!!
A: Fuck, really? Okay, I’m just going to say this once. It was easy. I didn’t care about her, so she couldn’t hurt me. Next question.

Q: from your POV how was your first kiss on the top of the Ferris wheel with Aimee?
A: That’s a bit freakin’ personal! It was … magic.

Q: What was the worst thing about your accident and surgery? (*besides the no sex issue* oops did I say that out loud?? LOL)
A: Oh, man. I wouldn’t wish that shit on my worst enemy. Yeah, not having sex was pretty shitty, but the worst thing was the look on Aimee’s face. That just about slayed me. My girl – staying strong for both of us. She pretended she was okay, but she didn’t fool me. I knew she was going up to our room at night and breaking down. And there was fuck all I could do about it. That was the worst.

Q: And it’s my tradition to make this quick fire Q&A’s where you’ll answer the first thing that comes to your mind:
Coke or Pepsi? Water
Day or Night? Dawn.
The Beach or the Country? Country.
Favorite color? Auburn – like Aimee’s hair. Yeah, yeah, I know. Next.
Favorite ride on the carnival? Ferris wheel.
Favorite hobby? Fucking.
Favorite animal? Capuchin monkey.
Beer or Wine? Water.
Salt or sweet? Sweet, like my girl.
And finally…Boxers or Briefs? Fuck me! Neither. [smirks]
Q: Oh no wait…KEEEES…I forgot one last thing…what’s your number?
A: LMAO – Ask Aimee!