Interview with Tyler Gattuso


JHB: Where are you from?
Tyler: I’m from Tampa Florida.

JHB: Ah! A southern boy. Likin’ it already! And, ya know, home of ‘Magic Mike’. Now that brings back happy memories. Can you dance? Sorry, getting off topic.
JHB: What is your favorite food?
Tyler: chicken wings.
JHB: Isn’t that what all southern boys say? What, no grits? I’m almost disappointed. Never mind. Let’s carry on. Describe a typical day.
Tyler: Typical day is hitting the gym, going to the beach and working.
JHB: Yep, just like me. Except for going to the gym, which is like NEVER, although I do go to the beach. And working, if you count writing … one out of three? I guess you like the gym. Sigh. Let’s talk books : )  Which book have you read more than once, and why?
Tyler: I’ve read the entire Harry potter series multiple times because it’s adventurous and one of a kind.
JHB: I love those books, as well. And the films. What is your favorite film, and why?
Tyler: Braveheart is my favorite movie because it teaches life lessons and how men should live.
JHB: Houston, I think we have a problem. How men should live – ‘Braveheart’? Really? I’m scared to go on…
JHB: Are you a leap out of bed person, or a five more minutes person?
Tyler: Ten more minutes in bed.
JHB: Fair enough.
JHB: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Tyler: Spare time I relax and watch movies.
JHB: Like ‘Braveheart’? Never mind. Moving on. What might surprise people about you?
Tyler: I’ve been playing piano since 3rd grade.
JHB: That’s great! And you can sing, too! Things are looking up!
JHB: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
Tyler: I asked my girlfriend out on top of a snowy mountain.
JHB: I could have spoken too soon. But ya know, snow, great mountain view, snuggling after in front of a log fire in a cozy cabin. Yep, can totally picture that.
JHB: What’s next for you?
Tyler: Taking the entertainment business by storm.
JHB: Can’t wait. No, really. And if you want to check out Tyler’s reality TV show ‘Life of Ty: The Journey of a Male Fitness Model’ go to , you’re in for a treat/shock/laugh [delete as applicable]

Thanks for playing!