They’ll Call it Deaf Day

Lisanne loved to watch Daniel get sweaty. She loved it most of all when it was the two of them getting sweaty, but there was something about watching him working out that was just so hot.shutterstock_121151791

The only kind of working out Lisanne enjoyed was in the bedroom with Daniel, and she figured that was more than enough to keep her fit.

Daniel had always had a great body – sensational, amazing, awesome were other adjectives that came to Lisanne’s mind – but over the summer, he’d put on over ten pounds of muscle – and it showed.

It showed in the swell of his biceps as he lifted weights, in the ridges of his abs that she could count when his t-shirt was wet with sweat, and in the hard planes of his chest.

Right now, she was sitting in the bleachers at the college football field with her best friend Rodney, watching the team workout. Or rather, Lisanne was watching number 33, dressed for practice, with his snug uniform pants that made her lick her lips unconsciously.

“You know, it’s really not cool to drool over your own boyfriend,” said Rodney, waspishly.

“Hypocrite,” smirked Lisanne, as she took a gulp of the cherry soda that Rodney handed her.

“I’m allowed to drool,” he defended.

“Go and drool over your own boyfriend – this one is taken.”

Rodney sighed and shook his head.

“We broke up.”

Lisanne held her eye roll and tried to look sympathetic. “Again?” she asked, gently.

The truth was Rodney and Ryan broke up at least twice a month, if not more. She suspected they enjoyed the drama – and making up after. But the aftermath was always accompanied with Rocky Road ice cream and marathons of Friends. If it had been a particularly bad fight, Rodney watched I Love Lucy, because he said that maintaining stereotypes was ironic.

“It’s definitely over this time,” said Rodney. “I mean it! He could grovel on his hands and knees and I still wouldn’t take him back.”

“Not even on his knees?” said Lisanne.

“Listen to you, Miss Dirty Mouth!” spluttered Rodney. “When did you get to be such a bad girl? Oh wait, the moment you met your hot knight in dirty armor. I know.”

Lisanne didn’t deny it.

“So, how’s he really feeling about being on the football team and the first game on Friday?” asked Rodney, after a short silence.

Lisanne’s smile slipped slightly.

“Excited. Nervous. Really nervous.”

“Has he had any… problems so far?”

They both knew he was referring to the fact that Daniel was the first deaf guy ever to have been selected for the college team – and one of very few in the whole damn country.

“Well, a couple of the older guys thought it would be funny to pretend to speak but not really say anything during a team meeting, so Daniel would check that he had the CI turned on. Coach Evans put an end to that that pretty quickly, according to Vin. But I don’t get why they thought it was funny in the first place. It’s just mean.”

“Because they’re assholes,” said Rodney, bitterly. “They’re the kind of guys who make jokes about being afraid to drop the soap if I’m in the locker room. As if I’d have any interest in their roid-built butts.”

Lisanne tried to laugh but it came out halfway between a cough and a huff.

Despite all expectations – including hers – Daniel and Rodney had become friends. Both of them had experienced the pain of being outsiders, if for different reasons. It was something they had in common, as well as Lisanne, of course.

“Most of the guys are okay,” she sighed. “And they all know he made it onto the team on his own merits. Coach didn’t even know Daniel was deaf until after tryouts. The guys know that, but they still make jokes about it being a special needs team.”

Rodney winced.

“What did Daniel say to that?”

Lisanne shook her head slowly.

“Remember the weekend he came home with a bruised cheek and swollen knuckles?”

“Oh,” said Rodney.

“Vin’s been great, but some of the others aren’t that helpful. It sounds like the Quarterback is a bit of an asshole.”

“And Daniel will be playing running back?”

“Yeah, because he’s so fast.”

Rodney smiled. “Listen to you! So knowledgeable about football these days. That’s new.”

“I can’t help it,” said Lisanne, shyly. “Daniel and Vin are always talking about it – some of it’s bound to rub off and…”

“Oh, I meant to ask,” interrupted Rodney, bored of football talk when it wasn’t featuring tight butts and rippling muscles, “are you playing the new songs at the club on Saturday?”

Lisanne shook her head.

“Only one of them. We haven’t had a chance to rehearse both new numbers. Besides, since it’s the first gig of the school year, we wanted to play our older set – kind of welcome people back, you know?”

Rodney nodded.

“It’s a pity Daniel can’t hear the band. You guys are rockin’.”

“Thanks,” said Lisanne, crisply, “but don’t let Daniel catch you using the word ‘pity’ around him.”

“Oh, um, I didn’t mean anything by it,” Rodney stammered.

“No, I know you didn’t. Sorry. I’m a bit on edge. I just want his practice to go well. Once the first game is over…”

Rodney squeezed her hand.

“He’ll be fine. He’s come so far already. You think a 300 pound linebacker can stop him?”

Lisanne gave half smile.

“Probably, I think that’s the point of them. But it wouldn’t stop him for long. He’s… amazing.”

“And hot,” sighed Rodney.

“I think we’ve already had this conversation,” smirked Lisanne.

“Yeah, but it never gets old.”

“Hey, guys,” said a cheerful voice. “Whatcha doing?”

“Ogling,” sighed Rodney.

Lisanne looked up and saw Kirsty dropping her huge tote bag to the floor with a thud. Her former roommate laughed and winked.

“Sounds good. Need any help with that?”

“Not so far,” muttered Lisanne, throwing a challenging look at Rodney. “Anyway, where’ve you been? We’ve been here forever!”

“Oh, God, the number of football practices I’ve been to over the years,” yawned Kirsty, sweeping her long golden hair over her shoulder as she did so. “I just come for the good bit.”

Lisanne was confused. “You mean, when you come to games?”

“No, honey. The good bit is at the end when they’re all sweaty. I love the way Vin smells before he showers.”

Rodney groaned. “Oh, I’m with you there, sister.”

Lisanne blushed although she didn’t disagree.

Kirsty must have gotten the training schedule down to the last second because at that moment, Coach ended the practice. Vin and Daniel pulled off their helmets and poured water from their bottles straight over their heads to cool themselves. Several other players did the same thing, then shook the excess water away, scattering glittering drops of water in the late afternoon sunshine.

Daniel looked up and Lisanne could see that he was scanning the bleachers, looking for her. She waved quickly and was rewarded with a huge smile as he jogged over to her.

“Hey, baby,” he said, pulling her into a sweaty hug. She feel how fast his heart was beating beneath his shirt, but whether it was from the heat that always seemed to flare between them or from his practice, she didn’t know.

She made sure he was looking at her before she asked, “Everything okay?”

“It is now,” he murmured, running his nose along the line of her jaw.

“So not fair,” moaned Rodney, in the background.

When Vin joined them and swept Kirsty off her feet, Lisanne heard Rodney mutter, “Don’t mind me, I’m just invisible.”

But then she forgot everything else as Daniel kissed her.

Too soon he pushed her away.

“What’s the matter?” she said, a little breathlessly.

“Fuck,” he mumbled, shifting uncomfortably.

Vin looked over and laughed.

“Not a good idea getting a boner while you’re wearing an athletic cup, is it? That shit hurts!”

“Oh,” said Lisanne, hoping she wasn’t blushing.

Daniel grinned widely.

“Baby doll likes to torture me.”

Rodney quirked an eye at them both.

“Really? Do tell.”

“Shut up!” yelped Lisanne, smacking both Daniel and Rodney on their arms.

“Come on, man,” said Vin. “We should hit the showers then we can take out these gorgeous ladies, as promised.”

Daniel winked at Lisanne and jogged back to the locker room with Vin.

“I hate being a fifth wheel,” sighed Rodney.

Lisanne felt awkward because she knew what that was like.

“You’re invited,” she said. “We could go and…”

But Rodney’s phone beeped with a text and a grin lit his face.

“It’s from Ryan,” he said.

“Uh-huh,” said Kirsty. “And?”

“He’s sorry and he wants me back. I’ve gotta go,” he said, texting quickly before hurrying away.

“On his knees!” Lisanne yelled after him, and Kirsty raised her eyebrows before laughing out loud.

They started making their way toward the parking lot, Kirsty chatting happily about her new classes that semester and how Lisanne should come to the sorority house to see her new room.

Truthfully, Lisanne’s mind was a hundred yards away, thinking of Daniel hot and soapy in the shower. She was relieved that he’d been so happy and relaxed. She knew he’d been on edge about the practices before the first game. Thankfully, they’d gone well so far.

“Everything copasetic,” asked Kirsty, her voice carefully neutral.

“Yeah, it’s all good,” replied Lisanne, a relieved smile playing on her lips.

Which was true for about another 12 hours.

And then the shit hit the fan.

The first hint of a problem was when Lisanne got a text from Kirsty halfway through a rather dull lecture on the major minimalists, Philip Glass and Steve Reich. It should have been interesting, but Professor Anatoli managed to drag any breath of life from the most fascinating topic. It was a talent, although not as far as his students were concerned.

Lisanne covertly checked her phone. Kirsty’s message said:

* You need to check college website NOW *

And she sent a link for Lisanne to follow.

Puzzled, Lisanne opened up the wifi and read the story that was on the webpage in front of her. The color drained from her face and she didn’t have to fake the greenish cast to her skin as she threw her laptop in her bag and hurried from the room, mumbling a vague apology.

She stood outside the lecture hall with her hands shaking, trying to re-read her phone’s small screen through blurry eyes.



New Signing for Pirates Breaks Sound Barrier!

We are pleased to announce that sophomore Daniel Colton has been picked as running back for the Pirates Football Team. Mr. Colton enters our record books as the first player with a disability to make it onto the squad in the university’s history.

With severely impaired hearing loss, Mr. Colton recently underwent an operation to receive a Cochlear Implant to allow some aided hearing, although he will not be able to wear the device during games.

Coach Edgar Evans confirmed that entry standards were as rigorous as ever in Mr. Colton’s selection for the team.

“Daniel’s hearing loss was not apparent during try-outs, and it was only later that I learned of his disability. We will work together as a team to ensure the highest standards continue to be met, and I have no doubt that Mr. Colton will be an asset both to the team and to the university.”

Armstrong Atlantic is proud to be an equal opportunities university, and will continue to uphold the values that support all differently-abled students.


STOP PRESS: Pirates V USC Thunderbolts in the Peach Belt Conference – 8pm Friday!


Lisanne was furious. Daniel had worked so very hard to keep this private, and now some asshat in the administration wanted to make political capitol out of it, trumpeting how enlightened they were – how equal opportunities they were. It didn’t matter to the nameless desk shiner what Daniel felt or wanted.

Lisanne ground her teeth in anger and frustration, but that was nothing to Daniel’s reaction when she told him that night.

He swore nonstop, rarely using the same phrasing twice. It would have been impressive if his distress wasn’t so upsetting.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lisanne saw Rodney slink out of the living room. She couldn’t blame him. She felt like slinking away, too. Except she couldn’t. Lisanne knew only too well that she was the only person who had a chance of calming Daniel down when he lost it like this.

But as it turned out, Rodney hadn’t slunk away, because he returned a minute later with a sheet of paper and a pen. He was making notes?

“Those butt plug antfuckers!” Daniel yelled. “Who the hell do they think they are? Flapping their jerk off chickenfucker lips! They’re just a bunch of cock juggling thundercunts from dipshit twatville, and I’m gonna shit on everything that moves in that horse pussy dumdum administration building. Fraking quiff wickers! This is my punkass life, the dumb dick shitbreath asswipes! I’ll quit the team before I let those douchenozzle fucknuts blow me like a bumblefuck assbag pigfucker! Those shitpickle wankbutts! I’m gonna kick their mothercunt asses all over town. I’ll transfer! I’ll drop out, then this Mongolian clusterfuck of an assface nightmare can just. Fuck. The. Hell. Off!”

“Wow!” whispered Rodney, the pen dangling from his fingers and his mouth hanging open. “That was so cool.”

“Rodney!” hissed Lisanne, and motioned with her head for him to leave the room.

Rodney sighed theatrically, stuck the pen in his back pocket and headed out to the kitchen where Lisanne could hear him rummaging in the fridge for a beer. She hoped he’d bring her one, too.

But when Lisanne turned her attention back to Daniel, he hadn’t calmed down even the slightest bit. The cords in his throat were straining, and the muscles of his arms were bunched with fury.

Suddenly he grabbed the corner of the sofa and with a roar, upended it, so the cushions flew in every direction.

Lisanne decided to take action even though Very Angry Daniel was pretty darn scary. She didn’t want their home wrecked again. Druggies had done a pretty thorough job once before, and it had taken a week of hard work by her whole family to make the house habitable again. She wasn’t going to let Daniel undo all that good work.

She tried to catch hold of his arm as he made a grab for one of the chairs, probably intending on shoving it through a window, but her hand was too small to wrap around him and slid off uselessly. But her gentle, urgent touch brought him one shade closer to something like control.

He stilled momentarily, and Lisanne pulled him around to face her, placing the palms of her hands on his heated cheeks.

“You’re not dropping out, Daniel Colton.”

“The fuck I’m not!” he snarled, but didn’t push her away.

“And you’re not transferring or quitting the team.”

“Then what the motherfucking hell am I going to do?” he shouted, raking his fingers through his hair. “Did you read that crap? Everyone will know! It’ll be all over the goddamn school! They’ll fucking call it Deaf Day!”

“Who fucking cares?” barked Lisanne, prodding her finger into his firm chest. “I’ll tell you what you’re going to do – you’re going to suck it up, Colton! And then you’re going get the fuck on with your life!”

He stepped back from her, anger torching the fury in his eyes.

“You think it’s that fucking easy?” he roared. “You don’t know what people are like! This sucks ass so bad! You just don’t get it!”

“What don’t I get?” she yelled. “What don’t I understand? Because it looks pretty darn clear to me!”

“You haven’t lived it!” Daniel exploded. “The comments! The looks! Fuck, I’ve worked so hard, so hard and now it’s just all fucking crashing down like everything always does! This is so fucked up!”

“Don’t be such a pussy,” Lisanne shouted, utterly infuriated by what she saw as him giving in.

“What the fuck, Lis?” he yelled, pounding his fist against the wall, making a photograph of Jimi Hendrix bounce in its frame.

“Screw them!” Lisanne screamed. “They. Do. Not. Control. You!”

Her eyes narrowed in fury as he took a step toward her, but then gasped as Daniel swiftly pulled her into his arms, his hazel eyes flashing almost black. His lips slammed down on hers, and suddenly the heat and fury that was consuming him morphed into lust and need.

Daniel pinned Lisanne against the wall, oblivious as Jimi Hendrix crashed down, glass scattering across the floor.

“Bedroom!” she hissed, against his lips.

But he didn’t hear her, instead tugging at her shirt, yanking it over her head.

As if from a distance, Lisanne heard music blaring out from Rodney’s room. Living with Lisanne and Daniel, and their thunder and lightning arguments, he’d gotten used to turning up his music loud – a lot.

Daniel lifted her quickly, wrapping his hips under her ass cheeks, forcing her against him. She could feel the hard, rough denim of his jeans against her center, and she hissed as his teeth attacked her neck. She grabbed his face and spoke clearly: “Bedroom! Now!”

He blinked then turned and ran up the stairs, Lisanne’s body still wrapped around his. He dropped her onto their bed and kicked the door closed behind him, ripping his t-shirt over his head before crushing her into the mattress.

She pushed him away long enough for him to get the hint and tug her jeans and panties from her legs. Then he rolled onto his back and pulled her with him so she was straddling his thighs.

He sucked her breasts hungrily, wrapping his tongue around the hard little fists of her nipples, tugging almost roughly with his teeth. Lisanne moaned loudly and returned the favor by biting his chest and sucking hard on Daniel’s nipple rings, something she knew he loved, and earned her a long groan.

His strong hands were planted firmly on her waist and he seemed lost in her body, as if he didn’t know which part to worship next, leaning up to suck her earlobes and kiss her chest.

Lisanne was feeling much more goal oriented and shifted away from him, unzipping his pants quickly.

He jumped slightly and she wasn’t surprised to see that he’d gone commando again. Which was a dangerous thing to do around a hot, horny and determined Lisanne.

“Fuck, baby doll! I don’t want to be wounded in action!”

“I’ll kiss it better later,” she muttered even though Daniel couldn’t hear her, wrapping her hand around his rigid dick and pumping hard twice before sinking down onto him.

Daniel held his breath for a second, his hips arching upwards without his consent, then Lisanne started moving quickly. Daniel watching with adoration and fascination as her breasts bounced in front of him, and she leaned backwards, her long hair brushing against his thighs.

Then she lay forward across his chest, her hair a curtain around his face. Daniel thrust up against her and a growl erupted from his throat.

His hand slipped between them and rubbed hard, watching the silent scream that bubbled out of her.

He felt her orgasm ripple around him and it tipped him spiraling downward until he saw stars and was incapable of remembering his own name.

Lisanne collapsed across him, their heaving chests meeting in a sheen of sweat.

As his breathing eased, Daniel ran his calloused hands up and down her spine, stroking her gently. He shifted his legs and realized he was still wearing his boots. But what the hell did that matter? He felt too mellow to move.

When they finally peeled themselves apart, it was the start of a long night of slow love-making interspersed with quick fucks.

Lisanne hadn’t been exaggerating when she’d told Daniel that he kept her fit.

But despite the athletics of their night, Daniel was tense and anxious the next morning. He knew he’d have to face the questions of his fellow students. And he was dreading it.

“It’ll be fine,” said Lisanne for the thousandth time, a comment which made Daniel shake his head for the thousandth time.

“It’s going to be a fucking nightmare,” he snarled.

Lisanne held bit back her comment: there was nothing more she could say, and nothing that she hadn’t already said.

“Morning, fellow roomies,” said Rodney, strolling into the kitchen.

He caught the atmosphere immediately and pulled a face.

“I know you’re not happy about being outed,” Rodney said, conversationally, “so maybe you should just go the whole way and announce that you’re gay, too. Believe me, they’ll find that even more shocking.”

Daniel blew out a long breath, and Lisanne threw Rodney a sharp look.

“What?” said Rodney, briskly. “You know I’m right.”

“Is that what you think?” Daniel snorted. “Because I can name you seven or eight NFL players who are gay. But there’ve only been two like me… two deaf guys in the NFL ever.”

“Stop it, both of you!” shouted Lisanne. “This isn’t helping. And we have to go before we’re late for class.”

Daniel scooped up the messenger bag he used for school and stomped out of the room.

“I was trying to help,” said Rodney, quietly.

“I know.”

Rodney pulled Lisanne into a quick hug.

“It’ll be fine,” he said.

Neither of them were convinced.

When they got to school, they went their separate ways, Lisanne leaving Daniel with a kiss burning on his lips.

He switched on his CI and pulled his beanie down firmly, until it completely covered the device. He’d been doing this for the last eight months, but he knew that today people would be looking for it, and he was damned if he was going to give them something else to stare at.

Daniel slumped down into his usual place in the second row of the lecture hall. He could feel the curious gazes bouncing off of his back and the irritating murmur of conversation where he could just make out his name.

He risked a quick glance behind him and a bitter smile flitted across his face as he saw dozens of faces trained in his direction suddenly turn away, embarrassed to have been caught staring.

Sitting up straighter, he made a decision. He tugged off his beanie and pushed his hair back, allowing the CI device to be clearly seen.

Then Professor Parkes entered the room and the chatter died away.

Unlike the other students, Daniel didn’t pull out a notebook or laptop. Hearing with any clarity in the echoing hall wasn’t easy, and he still relied primarily on lipreading during lectures.

He prepared to be enthralled by his new teacher spouting about international trade relations.

Professor Parkes quickly scanned the room and then his gaze fell on Daniel and he frowned.

“You, second row,” he snapped, pointing at Daniel. “Have the common courtesy to take off your iPod during my lecture, or leave the classroom.”

Daniel’s rage that had been simmering for 12 hours was ready to boil over. He stood up abruptly, ready to hand the beady-eyed fucker his ass, when two other students beat him to it.

“He’s wearing a hearing aid, Professor,” said a quiet guy named Sundhil that Daniel had only spoken to a couple of times in a study group.

“It’s not an iPod, sir,” called a girl with short brown hair from the back of the hall. “It’s part of his cochlear implant.”

Professor Parkes looked flustered and an unhealthy red gave his fleshy cheeks a purple cast.

“My apologies, Mr. um…”

“Colton,” supplied Daniel, still breathing hard. “Daniel Colton.”

“Ah, yes, Mr. Colton.” Recognition washed through the teacher’s voice, and Daniel’s lip curled in a snarl. “If you’d take a seat, please, Mr. Colton.”

Keeping his eyes on the asshat professor, Daniel slowly sank bank into his chair. Then he looked over at Sundhil, giving him a quick nod then glanced over his shoulder at the dark haired girl, who was grinning broadly at him. When she winked and blew him a kiss, he felt more like himself again.

Jeez. It was going to be a long day.

By lunchtime, Daniel was exhausted and ready to go home. It was always tiring concentrating for 50 minutes at a time on lipreading during his lectures, but today he’d been inundated by the curious, the disbelieving, and the ghouls who wanted to see his scars from the CI surgery.

He’d brushed them all off, and walked around with a scowl on his face that warned people to Stay. The. Fuck. Away.

As headed for the cafeteria, he wasn’t too proud to admit that he needed Lisanne, he needed his baby doll, and all he wanted to do was feel her soft arms around him, and her warm kisses on his lips.

His eyes zeroed in on her and he felt some of the morning’s tension drain away. But as he came closer, he realized that she had a pinched, angry look on her face and was glaring at Shawna who was scowling back.

Daniel sighed inwardly. Shawna had a nasty habit of coming onto him every time she saw him by himself, and sometimes when Lisanne was there, too. It was irritating, but nothing he seemed to say to her made a difference. Girl seemed to have convinced herself that he’d want her skeazy ass.

Except today she ignored him. Usually she made some pathetic comment about what he was wearing, or about his motorcycle. Today she cut him dead. And there could be only one reason for that.

It was infuriating, even though he didn’t give a shit about Shawna. In fact, it just showed that he’d been right about her. But he hated, HATED that people considered him less. Less of a person, less of a man. One of the things – one of the many things that he loved about his baby doll was that she’d never, ever made him feel like that.

He half fell into the seat next to her and pulled her onto his lap, burying his face in her soft, peach-scented hair.

He felt her stroke his neck as her gentle hands pulled his face toward her.

“Long day?” she whispered.

“You have no fucking idea,” he nodded, tiredly.

They were interrupted by a guy who looked like a grad student approaching their table.

“Hey, you the deaf kid? Yeah, good luck at the game on Friday, buddy.”

The insulting comment that was meant to be encouraging just about summed up the confusion that Daniel felt inside.

Friday night, and Daniel was waiting in the locker room with the rest of his team. He was warmed up, revved up, and eager to start the game.

Coach was giving his pre-game motivational speech, but Daniel was finding it hard to concentrate on lipreading him. His eyes kept flicking to the digital display on the wall as it counted down the minutes and seconds to the start of the game.

It was the calm before the storm, getting his mind into the zone. He realized Coach was winding up his part, before handing over to Nielsen, the Quarterback.

“Today gentleman,” began Nielsen, his 240 pound body huge in his shoulder pads, “Today I am honored to take you onto the field of battle. There is another honor to be bestowed upon you. That is the answer that comes with that question. Who Am I?”

“I am a champion,” everyone roared back, following the famous Leland High School speech.shutterstock_118557121

“Leave nothing on the field but body parts!” roared Nielsen, and Daniel’s lips twitched with a reluctant smile, despite the fact he thought the guy was a jerk-off.

As the team jogged from the locker room to wait at the entrance to the field, their opponents were already there.

Immediately, they started pulling faces and pretending to drool.

“Special needs team,” someone said, with a laugh.

Vin frowned and started to step forward, which was just what the SC Thunderbolts wanted.

Daniel gave a small shake of his head, but when a Thunderbolts linebacker shoulder checked Mitchell who was the Pirates’ Center, hell on earth broke loose.

Arms were flailing, the sound of helmet hitting helmet echoed through the tunnel along with grunting and curses. The head referee pounded into the melee, along with the line judge and umpire. Whistles were blowing and it took several minutes to sort out. By which time the head referee’s white cap had been kicked around and two players were wrestling on the floor. In the minutes that followed, 12 yellow cards were given for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’, and two for ‘helmet to helmet collision’.

Which was a conservative estimate.

As the head referee scratched his thinning hair, trying to work out the penalties, Nielsen pulled Daniel to one side, pushing him up against the wall and gripping his helmet.

This is why I don’t want you on my team,” he growled. “I don’t care if you’re deaf, dumb, mute or fucking blind, you’re a distraction to the team, you’re a distraction to the game. I want you off of my goddamn team.”

“Fuck you!” snarled Daniel, whose knuckles were still stinging from a few punches he’d landed, and he shoved Nielsen hard.

Vin stepped between them, placing a hand on each of their chests.

“Gentlemen,” he said, “the game – the enemy – is out there.”

Daniel took a deep breath, nodded and stepped away from Nielsen. The two men glared at each other, but knew that Vin was right.

Time enough to beat the shit out of someone on your own team.

Finally, 25 minutes late, both teams ran onto the field. The crowd were all standing and Daniel stood staring up at the sea of mouths open in a roar he couldn’t hear. His world was still silent.

He knew that somewhere in the thousands of faces Lisanne was watching and cheering.

This was for her. Tonight he played for her.

Pirates V Thunderbolts – The Inkwell reports…

Opting to kick off, the Pirates started the Thunderbolts offense deep in their own territory with the defense looking to set the tone.

The first play of the game was a great action pass of 30 yards from Quarterback Sig Nielsen to new signing Daniel Colton to put the home team in the position to score early on. Sticking with a run and shoot offense, the Pirates moved the ball well before Sig Nielsen put the ball into the end zone for a quick score, putting the home side up 6-0. Marcos Thomas was good for the point after making the score 7-0.

Soon enough Ron Shister picked off the Thunderbolts’ Quarterback, Doug McSwane, to put the hometeam back on offense. With little success in moving the ball, the Pirates punted the ball away and the visitors started to make headway against the defense. The first half ended Pirates 7 – 7 Thunderbolts. Both teams would have had to miss the point after for this to be the score. Most point after’s are made.

The second half started with the Thunderbolts using the spread option offense which moved the ball downfield before another attempt at converting 4th down failed, putting the Pirates back on the field at the 30 yard line. With the 3rd quarter winding down, a 25 yard pass to wide receiver Jim Szyszkowski had the Pirates within field goal range. The highlight of the day came when Nielsen handed off to RB Daniel Colton who broke several tackles for a 45-yard touchdown. With the last play of the game, the Thunderbolts attempted to throw deep, however the pass was broken up, leaving the Pirates with a close victory. Final score 17-14. shutterstock_65328787

Lisanne thought her heart would thump out of her chest as the final whistle showed that the home team had won. Her stomach had nearly emptied out onto the seats in front of her a couple of times when Daniel had been tackled hard, but each time he’d rolled to his feet and seemed unharmed. Even so, Lisanne made a mental note to eat nothing but dry toast before his next game.

She sat between Rodney and Kirsty, gripping their knees so hard that Rodney had yelped and shifted away from her and closer to Ryan, who was watching the game with a bored expression.

“I’m glad you keep your nails short for playing the violin,” remarked Kirsty, removing Lisanne’s hand from her leg.

“Sorry! Sorry!” gasped Lisanne.

“He’s fine,” Kirsty replied, soothingly. “He’s doing what he wants – this makes Daniel happy, you know this.”

“I know. I do. I just hate seeing…”

“You hate seeing him spread all over the field like strawberry jelly. But just think how much fun you’ll have playing nurse with him later: massaging his aching muscles; rubbing liniment into his shoulders; tending his bruised rubs with…”

“Stop!” pleaded Rodney. “It’s so unfair!”

“Why?” snorted Ryan. “You can rub liniment into my shoulders anytime you like. I’d die for an affordable massage.”

“I’m cheap,” grinned Rodney.

“One of the things I love about you,” laughed Ryan.

But Rodney didn’t laugh. “You… you love me?”

Ryan nodded slowly, then Rodney pulled his boyfriend’s face toward him and kissed him hard, ignoring the jeers from people sitting behind them.

Then he yanked Ryan to his feet and breathed, “Don’t wait up, Lis,” as they hurried from the stadium.

“So,” said Kirsty, after a short silence, “how do you feel about your first football game?”

“I’m exhausted,” whimpered Lisanne. “Every time Daniel was on the field, I could hardly watch. It’s so… brutal!”

“Yeah,” agreed Kirsty. “Hot, isn’t it?”

Lisanne wasn’t so sure, but when they caught up with the guys later, she didn’t doubt that Daniel’s happiness shone brightly.

“I am so stoked,” he whispered in her ear, wrapping his arms around her, “and horny as fuck. Can we blow the after-game party, baby doll? I really want to kiss that sweet pussy and feel you come on my dick. Can we go now?”

Lisanne nodded her head quickly. They’d been dating 11 months, one week, and two days, and his dirty mouth and his beautiful face still had the same effect on her – complete mental and physical meltdown.

But as they headed toward the parking lot, Kirsty grabbed Lisanne’s arm.

“Oh, no you don’t! I know where you two horndogs are going and I’m calling time. We have a party to go to and I didn’t spend ninety minutes of my valuable life making you look shit-hot to go and get all sweaty between the sheets with Daniel. Party. Now. Go.”

Lisanne smiled reluctantly and Daniel scowled.

“Later, baby doll,” he commanded.

“Oh, you’d better believe it, Daniel Colton,” she replied. “And that’s a promise.”

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